Bitono continues its record growth as trading crypto goes mainstream

As Bitcoin returned to its new all-time high this November, there are a large and growing
number of new traders participating in trading cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is
highly volatile and available worldwide for trading with no market close or open times, which
presents many opportunities to make profits. Bitono attracts both new traders and
professional traders by introducing a fast and profitable way to trade. By making correct
predictions on the trend of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a fixed period of time, in as
little as 60 seconds, traders can earn unlimited amount of income by making hundreds of
trades per day regardless of time and location.

To fuel the growth, Bitono has added more features to their trading platform that empower
users to trade and earn effortlessly. The team has recently developed their own indicators
calculated from sophisticated algorithms but the results are easy to understand and help
traders become more confident in their trading strategies. The platform has built their trust
since the beginning by offering instant fund transfer to ensure seamless trading experience.
By positioning themself as a highly secured and transparent trading platform, Bitono always
shows to their customers that they stay true to their values by utilizing world-renown asset
protection technology and live price quotes from reputable exchanges in the industry.

Bitono also introduces an attractive affiliate program that provides traders with a better way
of creating their own source of passive income just by helping fellow traders join and trade
on Bitono. Traders will receive commissions for all trades made by their referrals, without
any limitations to time and maximum payouts. This will help all participants in Bitono trading
platform become a close-knitted and highly valuable community which are constantly
helping one another to earn more in the long run.

Not being one of the pioneers in the trading industry, Bitono still sets forth to make fixed-
time trading based on cryptocurrency easily available to retail investors worldwide by being
the highly innovative exchange that traders can trust and develop their long-term trading
careers. Bitono mission is to bring unprecedented innovation in speed and ease-of-use,
ultimately become the best place to create multiple streams of income for all traders and
affiliate participants.

Bitono is ideally equipped to maximize the potential of dynamic markets, technology, and
trading environment. With the expertise in technology knowledge and a better approach to
innovation, it has been successfully providing the best trading solutions to its clients.

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