CryptoAttax Collectibles Are Now Available!

We are excited to announce the launch of CRYPTOATTAX, a series of collectible cards running on blockchain, issued as ERC721 non-fungible token.

The idea behind CRYPTOATTAX is to release blockchain cards featuring the main cryptocurrencies and their market status, giving crypto enthusiasts a unique way to connect
with their favorite projects. The collectible card game features some of the biggest names in the space, in a form well known to collectors.

Cards are available for collectors and gamers in three different formats: Unique, Exclusive and Limited based on the scarcity and availability on the market, but they also feature attractive designs with special effects. In addition, to celebrate the third Bitcoin halving event, a Special Edition Bitcoin Halving Card is also released and is available for only 10 collectors.

The initial set of cards includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and Ethereum Classic. Cards feature different metrics and parameters of the coins, such as market cap, price,
supply circulation, etc. which are determined based on Coinmarketcap stats from a couple of days before the release.

An initial set of 7 CRYPTOATTAX cards were released on OpenSea and are available to be purchased on auctions. However, the plan is to release 667 cards in total over the coming
weeks. Many other developments are in plan for CRYPTOATTAX and its offer to collectors and gamers in the crypto space and beyond!

Your favorite crypto is now a unique collectible on Ethereum.


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