GIN Blockchain is proud to release the latest version of GIN Wallet

After months of in-depth development and testing, GIN Blockchain is proud to release the latest version of GIN Wallet, with the core functionality completely rewritten. This new wallet transforms the performance and scalability of creating, receiving, and storing transactions in the Blockchain.

From their statement, GIN Blockchain made the decision to use the Ethereum Network, the standard protocol for all popular tokens in the market, as the starting point. In programming terms, this means that the GIN Blockchain is a “fork” of the Ethereum Network. On the plus side, this decision gave GIN Wallet quick access to the market, compared to encrypting a blockchain node from scratch. While there are many differences between public and private blockchains, they share a large amount of technical commonality, including peer-to-peer protocols, transaction and block structures, creation and verification of digital signatures, and consensus rules, manage key and needs a node API. Forking from the Ethereum Network allows GIN to capitalize on its maturity and focus on what their own chain adds to the blockchain – configurability, licensing, and native asset support.

GIN Wallet

GIN Wallet provides an excellent Wallet experience for users, to store their own transactions outside of the node. However, this is not the right solution as it will greatly complicate setup and maintenance for each chain participant. So instead, GIN rewrites the wallet from scratch.

How is the new wallet different? If the user has any experience with the database, the answer might be clear:

  • Instead of storing wallet transactions in memory, they are stored on disk in a suitable format, with interest transactions retrieved as needed.
  • Instead of doing a full wallet scan, transactions are “indexed” in a variety of ways to allow transactions that meet specific criteria to be quickly identified.
  • Any transaction metadata larger than 1 MB is not stored in the wallet. Instead, the wallet contains a pointer to the location of that metadata within the blockchain itself.

GIN Exchange

Along with the development of the wallet platform, they also develop a peer-to-peer exchange with a worldwide server system with multiple layers of security to ensure fast and secure transactions. GIN exchange will be a formidable counterweight of Crypto exchanges in the world today.

Token GIN

Besides GIN Wallet, they announce the release of their tokens, which everyone can receive for free and store in their wallets. Some information about GIN Token:

  • Abbreviation name: GIN 
  • Quantity: 400 million tokens 
  • Technical compatibility: TRC20, BSC, ECO Chain.

Take tokens to the community.

GIN management also informed those interested in Crypto around the world that they were doing the procedure to be able to list on many world exchanges before officially launching their platform.

About GIN

GIN is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which are largely the famous brands in the world that began to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum… Although the users of these services tend to increase at a rapid rate, most people cannot make money from it. So GIN Blockchain is a platform that provides stable, fast, and popular digital currency.



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