The Luxury Launches “The Luxury Coin” Cryptocurrency Worldwide

The Luxury
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The Luxury Launches “The Luxury Coin” Cryptocurrency Worldwide

London, UK: Today, The Luxury, a luxury lifestyle group based in London, UK, announced it would be launching its own form of cryptocurrency called “The Luxury Coin” (TLB). The new digital asset is developed by Ethereum and defined as an ERC-20 token with a variety of potential uses related to the worldwide luxury industry. Immediately upon purchase, owners of the digital currency can use it to trade on a wide array of international exchange platforms. Members of The Luxury Network will also have the opportunity to participate in exclusive auctions, financial services and more with their Luxury Coins.

Of the company’s recent announcement, CEO of The Luxury, Catalin Descalu, said, “While a key use of The Luxury Coin will be as a payment tool within our ecosystem, our goal has never been to limit its use to our own proprietary platform. We have already identified several categories in the current market that can benefit from TLB and have recently entered into many partnership agreements to expand its adoption.”

The Luxury Coin is available to buy and sell worldwide. Much like its fellow cryptocurrency counterparts, The Luxury Coin takes the form of digital funds that can be used for a growing list of online purchases. Owners of the digital asset may utilize it for a variety of online features, including retail purchases, real estate investments, event planning and more.

The Luxury has a few plans in place to utilize TLB to its fullest potential, including just some of the following development objectives:

  • Smart contract programming.
  • Payment system development.
  • Digital asset scaling.

As development continues, The Luxury also aims to dedicate its efforts towards other ventures that may utilize The Luxury Coin. The Luxury Crypto Spots and The Luxury Casino are among the top of the list, with plans to allow token owners to purchase various goods, services and more with TLB. Furthermore, The Luxury Explorer, an exclusive online platform for members of the luxury industry, will aim to incorporate TLB upon future launch.

The Luxury Coin was developed in an effort to offer users a variety of exclusive benefits associated with the use of cryptocurrency, including:

  • Improved cost-effectiveness.
  • Seamless payments.
  • Simple, newcomer-friendly setup process.
  • Discounted prices on The Luxury Platform.
  • Unparalleled security.

The Luxury Coin is a luxury-optimized digital asset now part of the growing number of cryptocurrencies available, which are estimated to be worth a market capitalization of more than 498.7 billion US dollars.

About The Luxury: Founded in 2014, The Luxury is a leading luxury lifestyle group based in London, UK, with international branches located in Dubai, Saint Tropez, New York, Miami and Marbella. The company offers a diverse array of services, including luxury brand development, influencer campaigns, luxury item sourcing, red carpet event access, sporting event packages, yacht charters, private jet services, luxury travel planning, concierge services and more.

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