The Delphi Podcast – TokenTax's Zac and Alex: The Ultimate Crypto Tax Deep Dive

Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts Alex Miles and Zac McClure, the co-founders of TokenTax. The team answers our most nuanced crypto tax questions and get into detail on how the founders are scaling their tax software. This was a must-listen episode for anyone filling their crypto taxes.

Show Notes

(1:35) ‘” (First Question) Token Tax Background

(3:39) ‘” How hard it was to do Crypto Taxes in past years

(6:28) ‘” Main reasons people come to Token Tax

(7:56) ‘” Token Tax, does it reduce Audits

(12:27) ‘” Minimization, a new option to calculate tax burden

(18:12) ‘” Is a complex Tax Code good for business

(24:10) ‘” Insights about Tax Loss Harvesting going into New Year

(28:52) ‘” What’s behind integrating New DeFi Platforms

(30:30) ‘” Tax implications of staking ETH 2.0 (*)

(33:27) ‘” Inside Token Tax and Active Aggregators

(36:00) ‘” Rebasing coins (*)

(37:57) ‘” How are rug pulls accounted for (*)

(39:58) ‘” Implications on moving from BTC to WBTC (*)

(41:09) ‘” Biggest Mistakes that the average Crypto Investor makes with their Taxes (*)

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