Leverage Messari’s Data Using Python

As a researcher, the process of extracting data is exceedingly onerous. This is particularly true in the crypto industry where infrastructure is in its infancy and collecting the desired data for research requires a high degree of technical expertise and contextual knowledge of various cryptonetworks. Data collection should be a tiny portion (less than 5%) of the research process but in practice the task of wrangling data, parsing JSON objects, and constructing data sets consumes a large portion of a crypto researcher’s time.

To solve this issue, we are introducing Messari’s official Python API. With this new tool, anyone can leverage our extensive data catalog using a simple and easy-to-use Python interface that abstracts away all the intricacies of working directly with our data API.

The tool was built with researchers as the intended end-user. Every aspect of the library’s design was optimized to expedite the data collection process so researchers can focus on analyzing, interpreting, and uncovering valuable insights.

Check out our documentation for a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the library. Once installed, go through our example Jupyter Notebook to get all your creative juices flowing!

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